rock_argall_logo_final-02Enthusiastic businessman and passionate entrepreneur, Rock Argall just launched his latest company, Digital Mavericks, a trail-blazing social media monetization platform.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Rock Argall spent much of his childhood in Canada before returning to the United States at the age of eight, settling with his family in Florida. Following his academic education and his first business endeavor, saving a dwindling online company while still attending high school, Argall soon dived head first into the business world. He went out to explore different industries and markets, launched successful companies, and built an international reputation as a sought-after corporate advisor.

A seasoned online marketing and social media monetization professional, Rock Argall has almost two decades of experience in utilizing the sheer unlimited reach of the Internet to build strong brands and help clients reach and exceed their personal and business goals. For his latest project, Digital Mavericks, launched in June 2014, Argall brought together a team of 60 specialists that have proven to be true game changers in the ever-changing field of online branding. The result is an industry-leading agency that offers more precision, power, and reach than any other company in its field.

Headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Florida, Digital Mavericks specializes in monetizing social interactions for an elite clientele, comprised of companies, social media celebrities, sports figures, artists, and big social groups that already have a loyal fan base or are seeking assistance to build one. Developing savvy strategies, Rock Argall helps clients to monetize social media using content from their pages and posts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google to earn millions of dollars every year.

Exclusive and life-long relationships combined with a firm knowledge and understanding of the entertainment industry and social media value are the secret weapon to Argall’s business strategy, which allowed him to turn Digital Mavericks into a driving force behind some of the largest names in social media in less than a year. With his vast experience in a variety of industries he knows how to match each and every client with the right social media specialist who is dedicated to the optimization of the respective account. For clients this means unparalleled convenience in having a single point of contact through which they receive feedback and updates, and who is at their call for any questions they might have.

Rock Argall’s success is based on just the right combination of personal experience and technology. Mixing cutting-edge management skills with state-of-the-art algorithms, supported by a highly qualified team, he has built a hugely successful company that offers exceptional branding strategies, creates stellar online presences, and engages incredible quantities of relevant target audiences all around the globe. From branding to rebranding, from content building to reputation management – Argall and his top-notch team at Digital Mavericks have the knowhow and resources to help clients through the social media jungle, elevate their revenues in new heights, and realize even the most ambitious goals.